Wi-Fi Management

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White cup with coffee beans in shape of Wi-Fi symbol isolated on white

Not too long ago, WiFi for business was rare. Then came the IEEE 802.11n standard, and things changed. Today, WiFi is everywhere, and small to medium sized businesses are right in the middle of it. The current standard is 802.11ac Wave 6.

Now, if you don’t understand what Wave 6 means, that’s ok. What you need to know is that it is faster and can handle more connections than any previous standard. Wave 6 is what has the potential to turn your mediocre WiFi into really good WiFi.

Modernize the in-store experience

Young woman waiting behind the counter in a butcher's shop

Location Analytics

Increase traffic, loyalty, and average basket size through data-driven actions.

Discover the actions that drive customer loyalty by measuring the impact of window display changes, promotions, and campaigns that drive store visits. Use built-in analytics and site-comparisons to replicate the most effective drivers of foot traffic across your locations


Seamlessly integrate your WiFi with Facebook login to learn aggregate and anonymous demographic and interest information about your customers. Leverage omni-channel selling to engage customers through their mobile devices and social media.


Grow your business by capturing new leads through event-driven interaction. Capitalize on repeat visits and longer dwell times to increase average basket size, and reach customers via targeted display ads, mobile push notifications, and direct coupons.