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Meet’s new-and-improved ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostat. In this updated model, ADC has improved both the appearance and the functionality of their award-winning thermostat.

This new model is 30% slimmer than the previous model, giving it a smaller profile and a more attractive appearance. The rich OLED display is elegant and modern. This thermostat has an all-around better design.

But more important than the updated look, this thermostat also has better technology. With advanced diagnostics and one-touch commands, you can enjoy smarter and more streamlined technology. The Z-Wave technology built into this model is cutting-edge, with the S2 protocol for maximum security.

This thermostat auto-detects wiring, making the installation and setup of your thermostat a breeze. It also works with pretty much any conventional 24 V HVAC system, making this model flexible enough to fit your needs.



This ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostat has a ton of features to keep your energy bills low and your comfort and convenience high. With one-touch commands, this thermostat is easy to use and automate. Additional features include humidity control and HVAC system problem detection. Proactively learn about issues with your system before they become serious issues.



This thermostat boasts simple and flexible installation. This thermostat auto-detects wiring to eliminate human errors and speed up installation. Compatible with virtually any conventional 24 V system.



Z-Wave Plus brings cutting-edge smart home technology and premium S2 security protocols to your thermostat.


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